Using Hair Treatments at Home

There are a number of ways that people can use hair treatments at home. From home remedies that have been passed down through the ages, to over-the-counter hair treatments, there are any number of at-home remedies that people can use to have healthy, beautiful hair.

One of the most popular home hair treatments uses hot oil. These usually come in small plastic tubes, which are heated in a cup of hot water until they reach the right temperature. Once they do, they are applied to clean, dry or damp hair, and allowed to sit before being rinsed or shampooed out. These treatments replenish moisture in hair, though some also contain additional proteins to give hair additional strength and resiliency.

Some other popular home hair treatments use hair masks. These usually resemble mud masks, like the variety that people use on their faces to improve their skin. However, unlike these mud masks, hair masks contain additional conditioners and other ingredients to help feed the hair and scalp and produce healthier, stronger hair strands. Using mask hair treatments at home usually involves packing the mask onto dry, clean hair, and allowing it to sit for up to half an hour before rinsing it out.

There are also a number of recipes for hair mass and other hair or scalp treatments that people can make at home. Many of these use some combination of oil to help condition hair, like olive oil, mayonnaise, or avocado, and another ingredient to keep the scalp healthy, and improve hairs shininess, resiliency, and strength. Eggs are a common ingredient in home made hair treatments, since they have a cocktail of different proteins in them that can help strengthen hair. Sometimes, these treatments will also include different oils or spices known to have a beneficial effect on the scalp. Treatments designed to combat hair loss sometimes include ingredients like mustard or other warming spices to encourage blood flow to the scalp. Rosemary or rosemary oil also finds their way into a lot of different home hair treatments, since they promote scalp health and smooth hair cuticles to keep hair shiny and strong. Home made hair treatments with these ingredients usually involve combining them, applying them to clean, dry hair, and letting them sit for anywhere from a few minutes to overnight. After that, theyre rinsed off, and hair is styled as usual.

Some other home hair treatments are more like rinses than masks. Vinegar and beer are both popular hair rinses, since they contain several acids, oils, and vitamins that make hair shiny. Lemon juice is often used for fair hair, to help give it more highlights in the sun, while white vinegar is known to make dark hair shiny. Using clove tea can give hair shiny, red highlights, while black coffee is often used to add subtler, darker lowlights. All of these are better than coloring treatments, since they dont dry out or damage hair.

No matter what kind of hair problems you might be experiencing, whether its dry, damaged hair, dull hair, or even hair thats falling out, there are tons of different hair treatments that you can use at home to help improve your looks. Regardless of whether you choose to go with an over-the-counter treatment or a natural, home made remedy, using hair treatments at home can give you healthy, shiny, strong hair.