Selecting the Best Hyperhidrosis Treatment for You

Hyperhidrosis treatment can be as simple as using antiperspirant medication up to more complicated one such as surgery.

The first thing you should do is to perform self assessment. Check all common areas where excessive sweating occurs such as the palms of the hand and sole of the feet as well as your underarm. If you notice more than normal sweating output, you should consult a physician immediately for more thorough assessment and diagnostic test.

One diagnostic test performed to the patient is the use of starch iodine test. An iodine solution with starch powder is used and is applied in areas wherein possible excessive sweating occurs. If the area manifests excessive sweating, the iodine solution will turn blue. Filter paper will then be placed in the blue are for one minute. Then it will be weigh. Through this method, the sweat production rate will be determined.

One of the treatments the doctor will prescribe is the antiperspirant. Unlike the ordinary deodorant wherein its main task is to neutralize odor, antiperspirant plugs the area of the skin where the sweats leak. Usually the treatment last twenty four hours and many of the anti-perspirant are available over the counter. A stronger anti-perspirant is ordered depending on the severity of the problem.

One technique commonly used to feet and hands is the iontophoresis. The main concept of this treatment to pass on electric current to the affected feet or hands submerged in water.

Another effective but expensive method is to employ botox therapy. Sweat gland producing organs is blocked by botox to prevent the release of sweat. This is through the prevention of the nerve fibers to release neurotransmitter responsible for activating these glands. One problem though in this treatment is that it may cause pain discomforts. Pain relievers are usually prescribed together with the therapy.

If all else fails, surgical intervention will be needed. Patients with severe hyperhidrosis are subjected to a surgery called Endoscopic Sympathectomy. In this surgical procedure, the portion of sympathetic nerve trunk is removed to prevent the neurotransmission responsible for sweating. This treatment is highly effective but on the other hand very risky and expensive.

Selecting the best hypehidrosis treatment will suit according to the severity of your problem and a consultation with your physician is necessary to assess you choose the right cure for you.