Home Remedies for Kidney Stones: Steps to Take

Home remedies for kidney stones offer the best alternative to surgical procedures. These remedies can eliminate the obstructions and mineral deposits that have been affecting the normal function of your kidney. Risk-free natural remedies for kidney stones can alleviate all the pain and suffering caused by uric acid stones without exposing you to numerous health risks and complications.

Detecting kidney stone formations

Before looking for an effective kidney stones home remedy, you have to determine whether you are really suffering from this condition or not. Here are some of the common signs and symptoms associated with this medical condition.

Small and large stones can lead to chronic pains and persistent renal colic attacks. Prolonged walking and shaky rides can also increase the intensity of the pain you are feeling. You may also suffer from urinary tract infections that can lead to fever and chills.

A home remedy for kidney stones can alleviate all these symptoms by removing the mineral deposits in your kidney. After naturally passing the stones through your urine, you may also notice blood discharges every time you urinate.

Using natural remedies

The perfect kidney stone home remedy can eliminate the need to undergo painful surgical procedures.

Kidney beans, holy basil, celery, and applesthese are only few of the all-natural ingredients used in these alternative treatment methods.

Soak kidney beans in water and keep them there overnight. Cut them and add them into four liters of boiling water. After eight hours of boiling, strain the liquid and wait until it cools down. Drink a glass of this concoction every two hours. Soon enough, your uric acid stones will be small enough to pass through your urinary system.

Celery is also one of the most popular ingredients used in kidney stones natural remedies. After increasing your celery intake, you will see a gradual improvement in the functioning of your liver.

Apples and holy basil can also help you get rid of uric acid stones. Prepare holy basil juice and mix it with a teaspoon of honey. After six months of using this natural kidney stone remedy, you will experience a long-lasting relief from the pain caused by small or big stone formations in your kidney. On the other hand, eating apples on a daily basis can also prevent the formation of new stones in your kidney.

Changing your diet

A healthy diet is also important in guaranteeing the success of any natural remedy for kidney stones. Refrain from eating too much high-protein foods that cause kidney stones. This will prevent the accumulation of mineral deposits in your kidneys. Replace high-oxalate sodas and grapefruit juice with water to decrease your susceptibility to future stone formations.

With these simple home remedies for kidney stones, you can finally set yourself free from all the pain and discomfort caused by uric acid stones.